Please let us know about any food allergies, as not every ingredient is listed.

While we take allergies seriously and have allergy procedures in place, different forms of allergens are present in our kitchen and cross contamination is always possible.  We love serving all our quests, but if you have a severe allergy, we recommend not eating in our restaurant.

We make our sushi the traditional Japanese way using high quality white rice….sorry no Brown rice sushi(Nigiri, sushi roll, temaki) served here.

Prices &availability are subject to change without notice.

Please note, menu substitutions may incur an extra charge

(GF) – Gluten friendly

(V)- Vegan


4pieces sliced

  • Tuna 14
  • Toro 16

    Fatty tuna

  • Tataki 16


  • Salmon 14


  • Wild salmon 16



2 pieces on top of rice

  • Tuna 7
  • Toro 8

    fatty tuna

  • Salmon 7
  • Wild Sockeye salmon 8
  • Ebi 6

    cooked prawn

  • Chop scallop 8

    Japanese omelet

  • Tobiko 8

    flying fish roe

  • Kani 10

    Real crab

  • Unagi 9

    barbecued eel

  • Tamago 5

    Japanese omelet


2pieces / Tofu ‘pockets’ filled with sushi rice, topped with your favorites

  • Bulgogi 12
  • Spicy tuna 12
  • Spicy salmon 12


  • Kimchi 10
  • Scallop 12
  • Spicy crab 8
  • Tobiko 14
  • Mayo Chicken 12
  • Tofu 8
  • Seaweed 8
  • Avocado 9
  • Basic 5


  • Wakame 6.5

    V Seaweed salad

  • Garden avocado salad 14

    GF V Organic greens, Avocado, carrot, beet, red onion, micro greens, sesame with our miso dressing

  • Asian dream salad (wild sockeye salmon +3) 22

    Atlantic salmon & tuna sashimi, avocado, kimchi, organic greens, carrot, beet, red onion, sesame with our miso dressing

  • Spicy tuna salad 20

    sesame with our miso dressing


Crispy cauli
  • Chicken kara-age 13.25

    Boneless fried chicken thigh. / Add Spicy tiger dip +2.5

  • Deep Fried Gyoza 8

    deep fried pork dumplings (5pcs)

  • Pan Fried Gyoza 9.5

    Dine-in Only (5pcs)

  • Spicy Gyoza 10

    Dine-in Only (5pcs)

  • Spicy tuna with crispy rice 14

    Crispy sushi-rice cubes, spicy tuna tartar on the side

  • Crispy Cauli 13

    Choice of tofu tempura, choice iof spicy mayo dip or spicy tiger dip

  • Crispy tofu sticks (3pcs) 7

    Battered tofu tempura choice of spicy mayo dip or spicy tiger dip

  • Agedashi tofu 8

    V Fried tofu in soy broth spicy +1

  • Edamame 6

    V GF steamed sea-salted soy

  • Prawn Tempura 6

    2 pieces per order

  • Pumpkin Tempura 5

    2 pieces per order

  • Yam Tempura 5

    2 pieces per order



nomenu-Salmon Carpaccio
  • Samurai Roll 15

    Tuna, avocado, jalapeno, tobiko, red & green onion, micro greens, soy-chili sauce

  • Volcano Roll 20

    Spicy tuna tartare on cali fried roll, jalapeno, sesame, soy-chili sauce

  • Salmon carpaccio 21

    thinly sliced Atlantic salmon served with onion, micro greens, tobiko, caviar with soy-chili sauce.

  • Tuna tataki carpaccio 22

    thinly sliced tuna tataki served with onion, micro greens, tobiko, caviar with ponzu sauce

  • Poke Crispy Rice 21

    Diced sashimi(raw), avocado, mango, chili-mayo on crispy rice

  • Cali bombs (6pcs) 19

    Imitation crabmeat, avocado, tobiko on crispy rice, spicy & teriyaki sauce

  • Salmon Sushi Tempura 15

    3pcs. Wild Salmon +3

  • Avocado Suhi Tempura 12



sake dragon roll
  • Sake dragon roll 19.5

    2prawns, chopped scallop, avocado, cucumber, topped w/ Atlantic salmon, black caviar, teriyaki & white sauce / wild salmon +3

  • Bear mountain roll (Real crab +6) 18

    2prawns, cucumber, avocado, Imitation crabmeat, spicy chopped scallop, tempura bits, sesame, spicy mayo sauce, teriyaki sauce

  • Four seasons roll (Wild Salmon +3) 16

    Atlantic salmon, Tuna, avocado, tamago egg, asparagus wrapped in soy bean sheet, house sauce

  • Veggie Poke Roll 16

    Deep fried yellow pickled radish roll, avocado, tofu tempura, mango, micro greens, spicy mayo sauce

  • Crunch Roll 12

    Yam tempura, 7-spice crumbs, spicy tiger sauce

  • Green Spider Roll 18

    Soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber, soy bean sheet, teriyaki sauce

  • Red Wave Roll 19

    Mango, avocado, cream cheese, topped w/wild sockeye salmon, ponzu sauce on the side

  • Crispy spicy tuna roll 14.5

    spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura bits, sweet-chili sauce

  • Fish N chips roll 13

    yam tempura, salmon tempura, house sauce, tempura bits

  • Bacon Hill Roll 15

    Asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, tempura bits, soy bean sheet, soy-chili sauce


Add -ons + cucumber 1  / +avocado  2/ + deep fried with sauce on top 3

  • Tuna roll 7
  • Salmon roll 7

    GF wild sockeye salmon +2

  • Spicy tuna roll 11

    spicy tuna, cucumber

  • Spicy salmon roll 10

    Atlantic salmon, cucumber, spicy sauce

  • Chopped scallop 10

    chop scallop, cucumber, mayo

  • Negi toro roll 9

    GF tuna belly, green onion

  • Unagi roll 10.5

    BBQ eel, cucumber, Unagi sauce

  • Dynamite roll (Real Crab +6) 9

    2 prawns,Imitation crab meat, avocado

  • Salmon tempura roll 9

    salmon tempura, teriyaki sauce

  • Prawn tempura roll 8.5

    2 prawns, tempura bits

  • Real crab roll 15

    GF real crab, avocado

  • California roll 7

    Imitation crab meat, avocado


Add-ons  + avocado 2/ + Soy bean sheet  2 / + Cream Cheese 2

  • Mamma Mia roll 16

    Uupon request, deep fried asparagus, seaweed salad, beet, topped w/ avocado

  • Garden roll 13

    V cucumber, avocado, Japanese pickled radish, carrot, beet, soy bean sheet, miso sauce on the side

  • Tofu tempura roll 10

    Tofu tempura, teriyaki & spicy mayo

  • Mango avo roll 9.5

    V GF

  • Veggie Temp Roll 15

    Deep fried roll-avocado, carrot, beet, yam, fried bean curd, teriyaki sauce & spicy mayo

  • Crispy avocado roll 9

    Avocado, tempura bits, soy-chili sauce

  • Yam tempura roll 8

    Yam tempura

  • Avocado roll 7

    V GF

  • Cucumber roll 5

    V GF


Served with miso soup (Dine-in only)

  • Aburi salmon don 22

    Torched salmon with house special soy sauce & spicy mayo over sushi rice, tobiko / wild sockeye salmon +5

  • Avocado bibimbob 15

    avocado, edamame, organic greens, Japanese pickled radish, Red onion, beet, carrot over sushi rice sesame seeds with our special soy sauce / add -ons +egg fry 2/ + sautéed kimchi 3/ +Imitation crab meat 2

  • Bulgogi bibimbob 22

    Bulgogi(Korean grilled beef) , avocado, edamame, organic greens, carrot, beet, red onion, egg fry, sautéed kimchi , yellow pickled radish, Imitation crab meat , over sushi rice sesame , with our special soy sauce

  • Chicken kara-age don 17

    Deep-fried boneless chicken thigh with sesame sauce over rice, carrot, organic greens, mayo

  • Poke bowl 20

    diced raw tuna & salmon marinated in our special soy sauce. organic greens, avocado, mango, edamame, sesame, red onion, carrot, over sushi rice / spicy +2.5

  • Sashimi don 18

    Fresh Atlantic salmon or Albacore tuna over sushi rice / wild sockeye salmon +5


Aburi sushi is a type of sushi that originates from Osaka, Japan meaning “torched pressed sushi “ or “ box sushi

  • Unagi oshi 22

    Grilled eel, avocado, fried shrimp, mixed crabmeat, sesame, unagi sauce

  • Bulgogi oshi 21

    Bulgogi(Korean grilled beef), kimchi, green onion, sesame, signature aburi sauce

  • Negitoro oshi 19

    Tuna belly, green onion, black caviar, signature aburi sauce

  • Aburi Tobiko Oshi 18

    flame seared tobiko, Atlantic salmon, crab meat, Jalapeno, signature aburi sauce

  • Salmon Oshi (Wild salmon +3) 16

    Atlantic salmon, jalapeno, signature aburi sauce


Available between 11:30 am- 2:00 pm only

TAKE OUT IS NOT AVAILABLE /Extra charge for any substitution


Served w/ miso soup, green salad, tempura

  • Sashimi Bento (wild salnon +3) 21

    3pcs Atlantic Salmon Sashimi, 3pcs Nigiri

  • Chicken Bento 18

    Chicken Kara-age w/sesame sauce over rice, 4pcs California roll


Choice of miso soup or Salad

  • Aburi combo 22

    salmon aburi oshi sushi & 2pcs Aburi salmon Nigiri / wild salmon + 5

  • Sushi combo 19

    California roll with 4pcs Nigiri

  • Maki combo 21

    Spicy tuna, crispy avocado, and cucumber roll


  • Miso soup 3

    V GF green onion, seaweed

  • Rice with sesame steak sauce 5.5


  • Sliced Avocado 3

    V GF

  • Steamed rice 3

    V GF

  • Sushi rice 3

    V GF

  • Sesame Steak Sauce 2.5


  • Chojang 2.5

    Korean chili

  • Ponzu 2.5
  • Spicy Tiger Sauce 2.5
  • Spicy Mayo 2.5
  • Teriyaki 2.5
  • Sriracha 1.5

    V GF

Please let us know about any food allergies,
as not every ingredient is listed